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Member of the Month – January

She’s basically a model!

When it comes to resilience,  patience and SASS, there are few who do it better than Anneliese Worley. This Brit comes back to Swink no matter what obstacles try to keep her away. She is a cheer/hockey mom to three kids, a grandma to one adorable little girl, a loving and patient (😉) wife to fellow Swinker Bobby Worley and a dedicated friend to many. She loves to travel, talk WWII history, scrapbook, party-plan, take pictures, decorate, renovate, shop, wear makeup, eat, drink and just “have fun”. Swink has provided her with the energy to do it all while developing some life-long friendships along the way.

Anneliese puts her all into the gym, in class and at outside events. She has a tenacious work ethic and will never limit herself. One of her mantras is that she is her own biggest competitor and these words of wisdom could and should be adopted by each and every Swinker. Congrats on being January’s MOM (pun intended!)

Momma Anneliese don’t play, she gets down and gets dirty.

How long have you been at Swink? Since June 2012.

What made you first decide to come to Swink? In order to get into shape for our 25th wedding anniversary trip to Maui.

That Maui trip!

What’s your favorite thing about Swink? The comradery and support of ALL the gym members.

What’s your favorite movement/workout? Medicine Ball Squats and Rowing, but I’mlearning to like running.

Least favorite? BURPEES and Pull Ups.

What’s your favorite clean eating/Paleo meal or snack? Betsy Baker Bites.

What’s your favorite cheat meal? The list is endless, if I had to say one it would be a smorgasbord of chips/dips/queso.

What advice would you give to someone new to Swink? Don’t compare your fitness journey to anyone else; you are your own biggest competitor.  Stick it out for a month, and you’ll be hooked.

An old one but a good one!

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