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Member of the Month – January

I grew up in Cedar Hill, and after graduating went to college at Oklahoma State for a degree in Sports Public Relations. After a shot at the adult world, I had some life-changing revelations and went back to school to get my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at Baylor University. I am now an RN in the operating room at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth. I absolutely love my job. But more than anything, I love my family, my friends, my soon-to-be husband, and my fur-baby Lane. I love Swink not for the reasons you’d think, which I’ll explain in my last answer. I used to have a goal of qualifying for CrossFit Regionals. Now, I just try to do my best on every workout, have a good attitude while doing it, and hopefully get some gains along the way. Overall, I am constantly looking for ways to make myself and others around me feel empowered, STRONG (in every sense of the word) and passionate. Because life without passion is just plain shitty. 🙂

What is your favorite think about Swink?

On a deeper note, the sense of empowerment it gives people. Seeing someone accomplish something for the first time, or seeing them get better at something, is a feeling many search for and few find. And Swink provides me with that. On a more superficial note…how clean it is. Have you SEEN some of the other CrossFit gyms out there? Gross.

What’s your favorite movement/workout?

Movement: anything gymnastics (except chest-to-bar) and heavy squat cleans. Workout: I love chipper or ladder workouts. Also, workouts that scare me…because the feeling of accomplishment after surviving is also pretty indescribable.

What’s your least favorite?

I do not love the snatch, or chest-to-bar pullups….but honestly, even movements I’m not particularly good at, I still love, because they teach you mental and physical toughness.

What’s your favorite clean meal/snack?

I love a good chili, with vegetables, served over a sweet potato, maybe with an egg on top. I also love a good turkey roll up with avocado and spinach.

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

I like a good beer. As far as solid food goes, any kind of chip and dip is my weakness. Don’t even get me started on gameday queso.

What advice would you give to someone new to Swink?

Too often I see people come in for the wrong reasons, and that’s probably why they don’t stay long. So my advice would be to start off with the mindset of doing CrossFit because it is the best form of metabolic conditioning and strength training out there.

Don’t do it because you have a wedding you need to look good for in 3 months. Do it because a healthy BMI/body weight/body in general wards of disease and illness. Don’t do it so you can rationalize the shit you eat on the weekend or when you’re too lazy to food prep. Do it because exercise generates a healthy metabolism and prevents heart disease and other chronic illnesses. Don’t do it because you want to beat the girl/guy next to you and post the best time or weight in the gym that day. Do it because pushing yourself to new limits fosters mental toughness, and helps you to better deal with issues in your every day life.

If you have that mindset, that this place is meant to prevent illness, promote strength, foster mental toughness and strengthen your sense of community, then all the PRs in the world are sure to follow.

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