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Member of the Month – December


He knows what shoes to wear, haha!

December’s member of the month goes to a member who NEVER complains, ALWAYS has a smile on his face, and is constantly in good spirits cheering people on. (Well, unless someone takes his toy away).  Ryland is two of our member’s, Shelly and Michael’s, son and he comes to the gym for two-a-days sometimes!  Ryland celebrated his first birthday last week and we hope to celebrate many more with him.  Although this month’s M.O.M. may seem a little funny, seeing as he has no choice but to tag along with mom or dad, the message is simple….little Ryland is enthusiastic, cheerful, and not to mention, ADORABLE.  We could all learn from his postive, fun little personality.  If only we could all be more like Ryland!

On behalf of our mostly nonverbal member, we took the liberty of answering most of these questions for him and answered how we think he would!


Cheering on the athletes, patiently waiting to be able to do it himself…

How long have you been at Swink? ***Adorable smile***

What made you first decide to come to Swink? MAMA and DADA!

What’s your favorite thing about Swink? When dad makes a fort/playpen for me out of boxes!


When you gotta get your meters in, you jump on a rower even if it’s taken.

What’s your favorite movement/workout? Holding both my feet by my ears or eating my toes!

Least favorite? In the stroller all by myself….

What’s your favorite clean eating/Paleo meal or snack? BANANAS!

What’s your favorite cheat meal? Bananas with a side of milk. (So rebellious…)

What advice would you give to someone new to Swink? Be grateful that you’re able to do the movements instead of complaining about them, all I can do is sit in the stroller and watch!


Here’s looking at you, kid!

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