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Member of the Month – December

December’s member of the month has been a breath of fresh air since she joined the gym. Easy going and laid back, but never afraid to put in WORK. As she says below, workouts that used to scare her are now exciting because she can see how hard she can push herself. We could all take notes on that point! Taylor Anderson is determined to get better, and she’s not going to let a little fear get in the way of that! Aside from an occasional eye roll toward Coach Andre (we’re all guilty of that on occasion, right?) she never complains, just gets after it. She is STRONG as heck, and we are excited to help her break through those walls and get even stronger and better! Congratulations, Taylor! Read more about our MOM below!

Hi, I’m Taylor and I joined Swink in August. I just recently graduated from Texas A&M this past spring and am now working at Lockheed Martin as an Industrial Engineer. Adjusting from college life to adult life has not been the easiest transition, and Swink has been the perfect outlet. CrossFit was something I had been wanting to try out for a long time, but was too intimidated to ever start it. Thankfully two of my awesome friends and fellow Swinkers, Ashley and Cutter, talked me into trying it out and I was instantly hooked. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing



is your favorite think about Swink?


the people. From the first day I waked in the doors people welcomed me with open arms. I love that no matter how the day has gone so far, I’m guaranteed to walk out of Swink with a smile on my face.


your favorite movement/workout?


I’m learning to like a lot of movements that are new to me… I’m going to have to say back squats are still my favorite.


your least favorite?


– No doubt about it


your favorite clean meal/snack?


and Squash cooked any way, I eat it on the daily.


your favorite cheat meal?


LOVE anything and everything mexican food… probably a little too much.


advice would you give to someone new to Swink?


in there and stick with it. While new movements and tough workouts can be daunting, it doesn’t take long for the switch to flip from dreading a tough workout to excitement to see how hard you can push yourself on it.

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