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Member of the Month – August


Stina lifting all them weights!

Christina Clemmons (aka Stina, Xtina) is the perfect example of what it means to be Member of the Month at Swink Athletics.  Christina has been coming to Swink for almost 3 and a half years; one of our longest standing members! Christina lives in Midlothian with her husband, Christopher, her son, Camden (who very may well be a future Swinker himself) and her daughter, Samantha, who is starting her sophomore year at Texas State in San Marcos. Stina works at Bank of America as a Senior Vice President.  Even with her busy schedule, traveling for work, driving to visit Sam, and spending time with her family, she still makes her health and fitness a priority. She comes to Swink at 5:30 am when she knows she can’t make it in the evening, and sometimes even comes twice a day. She never makes excuses, and loves challenging herself (you can tell by how many marathons she’s run!) But perhaps her best quality is how supportive, encouraging, and invested she is in the gym and it’s members. When she’s not working out, you can find her counting reps for someone to help them through the workout, cheering others on, or running alongside someone to push them on their runs. She is never found without a smile on her face, and her positive attitude and tenacity are infectious. She is not only our August member of the month, she is also  constant reminder day in and day out of what Swink is really about.


Now for some fun facts about Xtina:

What made you first decide to come to Swink? I was invited by a friend to come try out the boot camp class (before CrossFit classes were offered).  I thought what the heck, if anything, I just wanted to hang out with my friend.

What’s your favorite thing about Crossfit? Two things I love about CrossFit:  first is the atmosphere that surrounds you when you enter the gym. Everyone is there to make sure everyone is successful. I never feel like I am competing against the person next to me. I feel as though the person next to me is standing by my side as I compete against myself. Second, the Challenge. Every day is a different challenge. I walk into the gym knowing that it isn’t going to be easy, it shouldn’t be easy or I could just do it at home, and that I will prove to myself again and again that my body will do anything the mind tells it to do. CrossFit reminds me daily to never give up!  Life is not always easy and if I believe I can do something, I can!!!


What’s your favorite movement/workout? Burpees and back squats. I know, everyone hates Burpees. Now I didn’t say they weren’t hard, I just don’t mind them.

Least favorite? Rowing and squat snatch. Although I have tried really hard to get better at rowing and trying really hard to talk positive about rowing…I just can’t get my head and my body to both agree.

What’s your favorite clean eating/Paleo meal or snack? Breakfast, that is my favorite meal of they day and it is actually the easiest to cook. I do miss my very favorite snack…Betsy Baker Bites

What’s your favorite cheat meal?  Mexican food

What advice would you give to someone new to Crossfit? Forget about anything and everything you have heard about CrossFit, the good and the bad. Just have an open mind and focus on you. Listen to your body, it is not about being the strongest or fastest in the gym, it is about being the strongest and fastest YOU!!!  Celebrate the small WINS….that is the best way to progress in CrossFit and in life!

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