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Member of the Month – April 

We know you have all heard the saying “big things come in small packages,” and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to Laura, our April Member of the Month. Laura has been coming to Swink for about a year and a half, and each day, she impresses us more and more. Her class attendance is second to none, even on days when workouts seem intimidating. She is ALWAYS ready to go outside her comfort zone, and she constantly pushes herself to get better. Her transformation has been incredible, and we are super proud of this little package of DYNAMITE!! Can’t wait to see how strong you continue to get, Laura! Now read a little more about our April MOM!

What is your favorite think about Swink?

Everyone is very welcoming and friendly at Swink. I started with Swink Sweat in December 2015, then went through the Intro class, and ultimately moved forward into the 4:30PM class with Greg.   I love that there are multiple class times available while becoming physically stronger alongside great people.  You can tell the coaches want you to do the movements correctly and not hurt yourself.  Proper body mechanics is something very important to me as a nurse practitioner since nurses are well known for having back problems as they get older.

What’s your favorite movement/workout?

Hmmm…deadlifts, back squats, and snatches.

What’s your least favorite?

Even though I’ve completed Cedar Hill Running Club’s Couch to 5K classes, ran in several 5K’s, and married a Boston Marathon finisher/triathlete, running is my least favorite thing to do.  I joke and say that the last time I ran was in 7th grade P.E, but I am still “trying” to become a runner.   Hopefully running will become easier if I keep working on it.

What’s your favorite clean meal/snack?

I like a crockpot sweet potato chili and it’s really easy to make.  I’ve also enjoyed ordering from both Mach 1 Foods and Paleo Provision.  So far I’ve lost 28 pounds since last fall, and working on my nutrition has really made the biggest difference.  I wish I could just exercise and eat anything I want, but that’s not how it works.  

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Pizza and Mexican food!

What advice would you give to someone new to Swink?

Even if you are scared or hesitant, try it out.  Accept the challenges as they come your way.  You’ll never know what it’s like if you don’t walk in the door. I’ve only regretted coming to Swink twice (surprise 5K and a completion workout where my arms didn’t want to do anymore shoulder to overheads). Haha It gets better, everyone is supportive/cheering you on, and you’re never alone.  In addition to meeting like-minded people at the gym and exercising with them, you also get together outside the gym.  People care about you and you will be part of something bigger. 

Getting stronger and fitter and its showing!

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