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Goals are easy to set…

Goals are a funny thing. We often set them with the mindset that we will work towards that finishline and really never think about obstacles. In fact, we don’t even think that there will be obstacles. For all you know, obstacles don’t exist when making your goals. False.

As we approach the new year, a lot of you will be focused on doing something you think will challenge you, something you need to do, something that could better you. This is great and a normal process for most. But, what happens if you lose your job? What happens if there is a sick family member? What happens in your child wants to play a sport? These are all obstacles most do not plan for which is the reason for this write up.

We would love to be your help when you need it, your light during the dark. Please, reach out to us when setting goals, when struggling to complete those goals or just a motivational push in completing them. The hardest thing is to watch people fail at something, especially when they could have accomplished it.

Set goals, aim high and remember that things will get in the way…BUT, you are just as important as anything else that comes up. Putting your well-being on the back burner one time turns into two times…then three, then four. You are worth it. You are deserving. You need to give yourself the time needed to achieve that goal.

Need help or just want to talk, call or text 214-682-2706 anytime. We’ll work through it.


Lift yourself and the “weight” up…put the excuses to rest.

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