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Giving Back

We want everyone to know how much we have appreciated all the help and all the sacrifice that has made us who we are today!  So, we are giving back to a lucky someone if we reach 1,000 likes on facebook by September 1st

We have always dreamed of doing a sponsorship for those who truly need our help, health wise.  We want local and national businesses to help with this, but we need a trial run first!  We are going to give a free month away to someone, a lucky someone, and give them everything we got!  We are going to give them homework, stay on them hard, and make as many of their goals come true in the one month we have them, to see if we can get some backing from the major guys, to help us do this in the future!

It is not cheap giving away our time and effort into someone, so we will only pick the person based on a letter or video submission.  We will be unbiased in our selection and try to do what is right.  Again, this is a test run to see if we can make this thing work again and again.  Ideally want we wanted for the future is this: 3-5 individuals, who have submitted either letters or video to us, that we work with round clock to help them lose weight and gain fitness back in a 3-4 month time span.  These individuals would have to sign contracts, agree to diet changes, and give in to grueling workouts…this being similar to the TV shows everyone loves.  This would greatly carry over to our classes, teaching everyone our lessons that we learn from these 3-5 individuals.  We would go through town and make calls to businesses to see if they would be willing to sponsor us in things like shoes and clothing, as well as help fund shopping trips to the grocery store.  This and much more to come.

This is something we shoot for in the future, we need a test run first.  We will test this on one person, a person that has either submitted us video or a letter (via email, text or mail) for one month.  If you know someone, please tell them to email us at  So please, tell anyone who you know who needs this and is willing to put in the effort!  We have no time to waste on someone who will not give us anything less than 100% effort and truly wants this!  We will do this if we reach 1000 likes on facebook by September.   Get to sharing!

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