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Friday – Read Me

Sorry for the late post guys, but we’ve been at the new place all day and we’re there pretty late.

A few things about today, we’re combining the classes as we try to finish preparing for the move.  Also, the gym is in a current “break down” mess. We apologize for that.  Finally, we need you all to take any remaining things home with you. There are some things in the cubbies, please take that. There are wrist wraps unclaimed. There are jumpropes unclaimed.

Finally, we need you to understand that consistency is so important in this discipline, both the diet and exercise parts. Because we directly work with the exercise part, we have a few things to say.

1) We believe in you!  We wouldn’t just say things or tell you things if we didn’t believe you could do them. Trust us.

2) Although it may seem like a great scheme, we do not enjoy taking someone’s money and them not show up for classes. We get more joy out of seeing you progress forward than never see you. 

3) We do love you guys. One of those reasons is because that you make our business possible. Having said that, if we give you a hard time, hassle you or ask “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?” it’s because we care if you’re giving us your all, your 100%. 

Now, to get a workout in:

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -Rowing Technique

For Time: -500m Row -40 Burpees -1000m Row -30 Burpees -2000m Row -20 Burpees

Yes, this does seem daunting and a lot of work….but trust me, you’ll see something that looks simple in the Open….and you’ll be wrong….so we want you to be physically prepared for that. Do not skip this workout!!!


What do you mean you don’t sand while barefoot and laying down?!

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