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Friday 9-8-17

Friday is here and it’s time to celebrate, the weekend is approaching fast!

Hope you all are adjusting well to getting back to school, for those of you that it affects. The one thing we want you all to know is even if you miss a class or more, you’ll always have a home here at Swink. You have to know, making time for yourself is one of the most important things you can do in life. If you cannot be well, you cannot expect others around you to be well or gice your all to them. We all understand that life does sometimes get in the way, we do, but your well being always should be in the forefront of the mind. This is not a guilt trip, we sometimes just need a reminder from time to time that yes, taking care of yourself is justifiable and should be done.

Swink Sweat

-Hip and Shoulder Mobility

3 Rounds with a partner, 1:00 on, 1:00 off

-AMRAP Burpees

-AMRAP Seated Press

-AMRAP MB Squat Cleans

-AMRAP Pikes

6:00 cool down on rower or bike

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Strength

For Time:

-800m Run

-20 DB Shoulder 2 Overhead, right arm, RX(50/35)

-20 DB S2OH, left arm

-20 DB Overhead Lunges, right arm

-20 DB OH Lunges, left arm

-20 DB Power Cleans, right arm, suitcase style

-20 DB Power Cleans, left arm, suitcase style

-800m Run


-2 Options, explanation at the gym

That newness coming in hot!

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