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Friday 9-6-13

Again, just a reminder, class is at 9:00am, Kristan (a.k.a. Special K), will be at the gym, running the workout. The 5:30 and 6:30pm class will have a plethora of help, Austin being the one running clocks and scrubbing toilets, haha!  While were on that, Trevor vacuuming, Joe mopping, Meg cleaning sinks and mirrors, Zach cleaning up puke, Raul taking pictures and video of it all for proof, and anyone else helping were they can!  Sweet, workout complete!   Also, Meg will be running the girls Project Booty class at 6:30pm. Let’s get after it!

Swink Fundamentals Shoulder Strength/Mobility -Practice handstands without putting holes in the walls!  😉

3×5 Back Squats -as heavy as possible for 5 reps

3×5 Strict Press -keep good form by squeezing your butt, keeping your core tight and rib cage locked down!

3×8 Strict Pullups/Negatives

Swink Performance Shoulder Strength/Mobility -Practice Handstands & Handstand walks

Back Squats 3×8* (1 set @70%, 1 set @ 75%, 1 set @78%) *on your last set, go for max reps, which may end up being more than just 8 reps, do it!

5×2 Strict Press @83-88%, whatever feels doable that day

(A1) 3×10 GHD back raises (A2) 3×6 Chinups (Negatives/Strict/Weighted) yes, chinups, not pullups, so your palms are facing you!


It was sports bra and little shorts day at the gym, where were you?!

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