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Friday 9-22-17

Well, the Team Series has definitely handed us some tough workouts this first week. However, you all have done so awesome up to this point and we are so proud of the Swink Family!

On to today:

Swink Sweat

20:00 Partner AMRAP

-250m Row each

-25 Mountain Climbers each

-25 MedBall Situp-passes

Swink Fundamentals

You guys will again have 2 options today.

Option 1:

12:00 Cutoff:

-50 WallBalls, synchronized with a partner

-30 Power Cleans, RX (135/95)

-50 WallBalls

-20 Power Cleans, RX (185/135)

-50 WallBalls

-10 Power Cleans, RX (225/155)

Option 2:

For Time:

-100 Calorie Row with a partner

-100 Toes 2 Bar with a partner

It’s so relaxing in there!

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