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Friday 9-1-17

Oh ya guys, it’s Fri-YAY again and boy do we have some good ones for you today!

But first, we see so many of you throughout the week, grinding it out on so many things from squats to pushups to jumping, etc etc. It is so important that you guys spend at least half the time (we really want more but we understand that life can get in the way) towards your recovery. That looks like many things from getting enough sleep to eating the right foods. But, one of the easiest things we can do for you, on our part, is offer a program that you guys can take part in to help you with those tight quads which results in those achy knees. That program?! RomWod!!!

Every Thursday, at your normal class time, we have RomWod waiting for you. It’s just an added benefit for you guys that we offer for you. We would really love to see you all take advantage of this. IT ONLY CAN BENEFIT YOU!

Swink Sweat

20:00 AMRAP w/ partner

-1000m Row

-50 Lunges

-50 DB Presses


-Tabata Flutter Kicks

Swink Fundamentals

Strength (20:00):

-1RM Power Clean

20:00 AMRAP

-15/20 Thrusters, RX(95/65)

-20/60 Double Unders

-10/20 Back Rack Lunges

*at the beginning of the workout and at the 10:00 mark, run an 800m


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