• Betsy

Friday 8-28-15

The first week of school for most is almost up. Tough getting back into a routine no doubt but we believe in you all to stay on track. The best thing about surviving the first week, usually the most hectic week, is that you can now know that you can do it any and every week. Stay focused on your eating habits and prove to yourself that just because it’s tough to eat clean, doesn’t mean you can’t overcome it.

Swink Sweat Skill: -MedBall Front Squats

For Completion: -800m Run -30 MedBall Front Squats -30 Pushups -800m Run -20 MedBall Front Squats -20 Pushups -800m Run -10 MedBall Front Squats -10 Pushups

Swink Fundamentals -Hip Mobility -Glute Strength

Skill: -Power Cleans

Strength: -3×5 Unbroken Power Cleans, find tough weight

Skill: -High Jumps

3 Rounds of 2:00 on with 1:00 rest of: -15 High Jumps -Max Calorie Row

Swink Performance -Hip Mobility -Glute Strength

Strength: 3 Sets of: -10 Unbroken Power Cleans -10 Front Rack Lunges (5/leg)

2:00 Rounds with 1:00 rest, complete the following: -30 AbMat Situps -Max Pushups

*you must continue to the next round until you reach 120 Pushups for guys/100 Pushups for ladies.


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