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Friday 8-26-16

So the CrossFit Team Series is coming up quickly and we already have 3 teams! The theme for the teams is a color. We have Swink BLÜ, Swink BLAQ and the third team is still undecided….but we can make them HOT PINK if they can’t decide.

We can have more teams! It’s 2 guys and 2 girls per team and all workouts must be completed together, so that must be taken into consideration. Let’s see if we can’t get a couple more teams together….get to asking some folks to be on your team!

If you missed the Hero workout we did this Thursday, no worries because we plan to do them once a month on Thursdays.

Swink Sweat

Buy in:

-16 Burpees

Then, 4 Rounds of:

-250m Row

-12 Pullups

-10 Push Press

Buy out:

-16 Burpees

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Strength

For Time:

-50 Double Unders

-50 Pushups

-40 Double Unders

-40 Front Lunges (20/leg) RX: (95/65) RX+ (135/95)

-30 Double Unders

-30 Push Jerks RX: (95/65) RX+ (155/115)


3 Sets of:

-8-12 Bent Over Rows, tough

-Max Strict Chinups or Chinup hold

Check out the event created on facebook for all the details on our upcoming event, the Southbound Throwdown!

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