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Friday 8-25-17

Well the weekend is almost here and we have a couple of days of training left for this week. Let’s get to it!

Swink Sweat

20:00 Partner AMRAP

-200m Run each, 1 at a time

-20 Box Jumps each

-20 Ring Rows each

Swink Fundamentals

-Thoracic Mobility


-3RM Snatch, 2×3 @85-90%

2×6:00 AMRAP with 2:00 rest

-25 DB Snatches, RX(50/35)

-25 DB OH Lunges

-25 DB Thrusters

-25 DB Pushup+Row

*the first AMRAP will be with your left arm and the second will be with your right arm.


-100 Hollow Rocks, as few sets as possible

The man, the myth, the Richard AKA Legend!

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