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Friday 8-19-16

The weekend is almost here everyone and school begins (if it hasn’t already begun for you) ASAP.

As the school year begins, remember the importance you must always place on your priorities. Yes, times get hectic. Yes, schedules get overloaded. However, remember that there is release, there is a sense of calm and sense of clarity when you get to come in to the gym and sweat. It’s important for your sanity, it’s important for your mood that effects you and those around you and it’s important for your health. Make time for you….because you do matter.

Remember that next Thursday, at 5:30pm, we do a Hero workout. We’d love it if you all could be there to take this on with us. We will be doing this once a month on a Thursday.

Swink Sweat

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Mobility

-Shoulder Strength


-5×3 OHS

4:00 for Max Reps:

-30 DB Snatches (15/arm)

-Max HSPU with remaining time


-5×30 sec GHD Hold

Time to get upside down.

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