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Friday 7-31-15

Friday is here and test #3 is here for all classes. It also heads us into the weekend which means you all that are taking part in the nutrition challenge need to make goals/challenges for the week ahead.

What you all need to do over the weekend, AKA Homework, is take the list/notes/”data” that you took this week of what you ate and drank and make a goal for the week. How you do this is by picking 1 thing out of your current diet and do away with it. Example: -sodas -sugary items (cake, candy (bars), etc) -not having a meal -etc…

Then, what we need to do is do away with them at least 80-90% of the time. We’ll elaborate on this more on Sunday night’s post, so please be looking for that. However, if your goal is to be healthier, whether that’s weightloss or better performance by eating properly, then make sure you have a list of foods and drinks that you’re currently having this week.

Swink Sweat Skill: -Back Squats

Test #3 Max Back Squats 8:00 AMRAP -10 Back Squats @ 1st weight -10 Back Squats @ 2nd weight -10 Back Squats @ 3rd weight -As many Back Squats @ 4th weight with remaining time

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Hip Mobility -Glute Strength

Skill (Fundamentals): -Squat Clean -Finding comfortable/safe squat depth

Strength (Performance): Clean Pulls -1×1 @75% -1×1 @80% -1×1 @85% -2×1 @90%

Test #3 Max Squat Cleans 5×1:00 intervals with :15 sec transition -start with the lightest weight -5 weights, each heavier than the last -do as many reps at each weight as possible for a total rep count

Pullup Strength: 3 Sets of: -5 Negative Pullups (can use a band) -Max DB Curls (heavy!)


Just a little idea on foods. Please follow the link to read even more about Paleo. The more you’re informed, the better your success. “Don’t wanna read that much?”…..tough!….get over it!

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