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Friday 7-26-13

The CrossFit Games kicks off with non stop action today!  Be sure to go to the CrossFit Games site to tune is starting in the a.m.!  The first event includes a good endurance test with a 2.1 mile run and new piece of equipment called “The Pig”!  We want everyone to tune in this weekend and watch The Games because it is a good source of motivation and sometimes we all need that!  Watch on Facebook as we will update you all on the status of the Games as well as let you know when we are watching them….we’ll be watching at the gym and you’re more than welcome to join!

Swink Fundamentals Skill: Dumbbell Snatch

7 Rounds for time -10 Ring Rows -10 Alt. DB Snatch (45/30)

Swink Performance -OHS, Max for the day, 80% x2 -Snatch @73% 5×2

8:00 AMRAP -100 Double Unders -With remaining time as many rounds of “Cindy” as possible


Was sent this from Austin…pretty much sums up everything about us as a gym…movie quotes and barbell jokes!

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