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Friday 7-14-17

Hey guys, it’s getting hot out there. Please, drink plenty of water, avoid things like sodas and stay hydrated. Also, fruit can also be a great snack in the day to help thirst and of course energy levels. Mix em up even! Throw some fruit in water and get some added flavor and then eat the fruit afterwards.

Swink Sweat

18:00 Partner AMRAP

-250m Row each

-25 WallBalls each

-25 DB Bent Over Rows each

Swink Fundamentals

-Overhead Mobility


-Overhead Squats

5 Rounds For Time:


-400m Run

-15 OHS, RX (95/65)

Rest 5:00


-100 Band Pullaparts

-100 Tricep Extensions

-100 Lat Pulldowns

Anyone want a case of any of these drinks!? (RX FitAid not pictured, but can be ordered)


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