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Friday 7-12-13

Reminder, there is only Open Gym Friday night from 5:30-7:30, no class. 8:30am is on!  Also, no Saturday class, but you’re more than welcome to hit up yoga at Daymes at 9:30am.

Swink Fundamentals 8 Rounds for time: -1:00 Double Unders/D.U. attempts -12 Weighted Situps -14 Air Squats

Swink Performance -Hang Power Snatch @65% 5×2 -Snatch Balance-Max for the day (no more than 5 attempts)   90% of the days max for x1   80% 2×2 -Bent Over Row @55% (of Clean) 3×5

5:00 AMRAP -7 Clapping Pushups (leave the ground at least) -Garage door to curb and back Farmers Walk w/plates (roughly 60ft total)


Caught our member Kenzi in one of her weird positions again…this is her loading weight. We love and admire her creativity for the way she puts the weight on a bar!

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