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Friday 7-10-15

1 test down, 1 more in the way this week.

Remember on Saturday we are running a 5K and we would love any and everyone to participate. We will start a warmup at 8am and start the run at 8:15am. We will have the run begin and end at the gym and it is a loop run, not an out and back.  We will still have our normal scheduled class at 9:45am partner style! 

Also, we have had a few new faces join us this month and that just means our Swink Family is growing!  We cannot stress this enough, WE ARE A FAMILY.  If you see someone new, you introduce yourself, no other options. Everyone is welcome to our gym and they should also feel welcome. Make sure to say hey, chat them up and make sure they feel welcome.

Swink Sweat Skill: -MedBall Cleans

30:00 AMRAP -250m Row -5 Pushups -10 Air Squats -15 MedBall Cleans -20 AbMat Situps -Rest exactly 1:00 between rounds

Swink Fundamentals -Glute Strength

Skill/Strength: -5×2 Back Squats @80%

Skill: -Power Clean -Front Squat

For Max Total Reps -1:00 Pullups -1:00 Front Squats @55% -1:00 Pushups -1:00 Power Cleans -1:00 Pullups

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength

Skill/Strength: -Build to 75-80% of your Snatch

3 Rounds for time: -3 Squat Snatch -6 Bar Over Burpees -12 Pullups


We would love your 100% participation in writing down “why you Swink”

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