• Betsy

Friday 6-28-13

Guys and Girls, it is getting hot outside and the temps are getting into the 100’s!  Please, make sure you drink PLENTY of water and somewhere in the 30+ ounces when you are at the gym!  Also, make sure to wear cool clothing, we don’t want or need any over heating!  No, Trevor, not cool as in cool looking clothing, we mean as in keep you cool type of clothing….always has jokes!

We are working as a group today, so no split workouts on Fridays.

Swink Performance and Fundamentals 15-12-9-6-3 -Thrusters* (95/65) -Toes to Bar/Leg Raises

*Scale accordingly, and yes, you can scale up!


This is now the globally recognized sign for Swink, crossing the arms to make an “X”!  Meg, Coach Betsy and Kristan starting the trend!

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