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Friday 6-27-14

It’s Friday!!

Also, it’s time to reorder more FitAid for us, which means if anyone wants more FitAid, PartyAid or GolferAid, please let us know by Tuesday as it will be here Wednesday. Thanks.

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength

Skill: Handstands

15:00 AMRAP -400m Run -:30 sec Handstand (supported or free standing) -15 AbMat Situps

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength

Strength: -5×2 Back Squats, 35X1

Every 3 minutes on the minute for 9:00: -250m Row -30 WallBalls (1st Round, allowed 3 drops) -25 WallBalls (2nd Round, allowed 2 drops) -20 WallBalls (1st Round, allowed 1 drop)


Sky, pressing all the way…to the sky?! Ha!

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