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Friday 6-23-17


Dont forget, next week were doing our food prep challenge, so start looking up recipes now so you can head to the store over the weekend. All were asking you to try and prep is your lunches and we would love to see pictures of it.

Swink Sweat

-Fire Hose Races

16:00 Partner AMRAP

-30 Hanging Knee Raises each

-10 Burpees each

-30 Double Unders each

Swink Fundamentals

-Hamstring Strength (5:00)

Warm-up (10:00)

3 Rounds, each for Max Reps (17:00)

-1:00 WallBalls

-1:00 Sumo Deadlifts, RX (155/115)

-1:00 Double Unders

-1:00 Calorie Row

-1:00 Burpees Over Rower

-1:00 Rest


-3×8 Box Step Ups, DB

-3×20 Hip Extensions, weighted if possible

-3× Max time Ring Row Hold

Time for all those good row faces!

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