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Friday 6-21-13

Today is the day of the 3rd Southbound Throwdown and we are PUMPED!!

A few things we’ve noticed from the past 2 and the things we’ve been hearing from people for this one. They don’t want to do the workout for a number of reasons but they are all silly. 1) “I dont want to be in front of all those people” -The comfortable bubble we live in is toxic. Get out, try new things and be challenged constantly to keep life interesting and continue growing as a person. This will challenge you to strive for new goals and do more work to get to those goals!  Silly excuse one taken care of.

2) “It’ll be a hard workout” -This workout is nothing new, nothing you haven’t done before or already. On the fence about if you’re capable…YOU’RE CAPABLE!  Quit quitting when things get challenging mentally and physically.

3) “(insert silly excuse here)” -Bottom line, any and every excuse is exactly that, an excuse!  Stop living life in fear of things that make you a stronger person and challenge you emotionally and physically. In other words, stay strong and face every challenge with confidence and tackle it to the ground!  No reason is a good enough one…

A picture from the last Throwdown. This time is going to be even bigger and better!

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