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Friday 6-2-17

Well, it’s come to this, our Member of the Month workout is here! Today, we all are taking on this workout or a variation of it, even Sweat.

Also, be looking for a post today about the whole nutrition thing we’ll be implementing.

Swink Sweat

“For Mike”

For Time:

-200m Run

-21 Pushups

-9 Deadlifts

-400m Run

–15 Pushups

-6 Deadlifts

-800m Run

-9 Pushups

-3 Deadlifts

Swink Fundamentals

-Hamstring Mobility (band)


-Handstand Pushups

“For Mike”

For Time:

-200m Run

-21 Handstand Pushups, RX+(flat mat)

-9 Deadlifts, RX (155/115) RX+(225/165)

-400m Run

–15 HSPU, RX+(15/10 plates)

-6 Deadlifts, RX (185/125) RX+(275/185)

-800m Run

-9 HSPU, RX+(2×15/15 plates)

-3 Deadlifts, RX (225/135) RX+(315/205)


-3×10 Strict Muscle Up Transitions

Don’t forget that it’s the last day to pay for Rangers tickets.

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