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Friday 6-10-17

So sorry guys for the late post, been out here in Colorado going to and from but we got you covered. Today we have a partner workout, but of course, you can tackle this all on your own. Either way, we are going long today.

Swink Sweat & Fundamentals

Complete the following:

-Partner 400m Run with a MedBall (Partner 1 runs with the ball)

-1000m Row (each has to do a 500m, switch as you prefer)

-100 Double Unders (each has to do 50, switch as you prefer)

-50 Burpees (each has to do 25, switch as you prefer)

-200 Walking Lunges (each has to do 100, switch as you prefer

-50 Burpees (same)

-100 Double Unders (same)

-1000m Row (same)

-Partner 400m Run with a MedBall (Partner 2 runs with the ball)


-4×4 Tempo Bent Over Rows, bar, 4242

-4×12 Bar Curls, tough weight but no swinging

Austin’s wedding is in an amazing location, as you can see

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