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Friday 5-5-17

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Hope you all have a safe day during your festivities and we also hope we see you all in the gym as well.

Don’t forget, if you’re available, the Swink Athletics little league team will be playing at 6:15pm at Jaycee Park, only 2 minutes (if that) from the gym.

Swink Sweat

Teams of 3 will complete:

-300 Calorie Bike

*1:00 of work for each team member until 300 calories is completed.

Swink Fundamentals

Today we are doing a bit of an out of the ordinary workout. The reason, exposure/fun/change of pace to end this week.

3 Sets of:

-1:00 Rope Slams (Rd1 together, Rd2 alternating, Rd3 rainbow)

-1:00 Hurdle Jumps

-1:00 DB Hang Power Clean and Jerk

-1:00 Jumping Lunges, switching in the air

-1:00 Rd1 V-Ups/Rd2 Plank Rainbows/Rd3 Hollow Rock Hold

If you haven’t yet, be sure to go check out the writeup for our Member of the Month.

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