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Friday 5-22-15

Friday is here and the long weekend is ahead of us! 

We tried inviting everyone to the event on Facebook, but we aren’t “friends” with some of you unfortunately. So, on the Swink page on Facebook, there is an event for this Sunday. It is our Memorial Day Celebration. Now, most likely, it’s going to rain….but we can still get together to do a workout and eat.

So then event begins this Sunday at 12:30 starting at the gym.  In honor of Memorial Day, we’ll have a few “Hero” workouts for you to choose from. Afterwards, the plan is to go to Christina’s house and cookout and swim. It’s a bring your own meat and sides and drinks thing, so plan for that. That portion begins roughly at 2pm. We hope we see you all there! 

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength

Skill/Strength: -5×5 Strict Press, tough weight -5×10 Bent Over Rows, same weight as above. *You will do these as a superset, first doing the 5 Strict Press then immediately going into the 10 Bent Over Rows. Do that sequence 5 times.

For Time: 50-30-10 -WallBalls  (20/14) -Double Unders

Hip Strength: -3×15 Weighted Hip Raises* *Start by lying on your back, feet tucked up towards your butt. Place a weight (plate) on your hips and then raise them up into the air. Do that 15 times, squeezing the butt at the top of the raise.


Be thankful you ain’t ever had it this bad!  A competitor from Regionals this past weekend….ouch!

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