• Betsy

Friday 5-12-17

Another Friday, another opportunity to get some great training in. Next week, be looking for some info on how we plan to go all in on nutrition on June 1st and from here on out. Also, 2 weeks from now is Memorial Day and we are doing our yearly Murph. Be sure to join us for that!

Swink Sweat

19:00 For Total Reps

P1: 150m Run

P2: Max WallBalls

Switch and repeat, then

P1: 150m Run

P2: Max Weighted Situps

Switch and repeat

Swink Fundamentals

-Foot Care!


-Game planning for the workout

For Time:


5 Rounds Of

-400m Run

-30 Box Jumps, RX (24/20)

-30 WallBalls, RX (20/14)

**today is going to take 30:00 for most, please be on time and ready to go right after the warmup**

Oh Richard…

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