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Friday 5-1-15

May 1st people! This means new goals for the month, more events to attend and even more opportunities for success. The board is ready for you to write down those May goals. Let’s get a little more specific this month with those goals. Think about these, we really like reading them and helping you hopefully obtain them. Here’s last month’s.


And here are some of the PRs from last month as well.


We would love 100% participation this month, please!!!

Now, something we really need to go over. We want you all to know we love our family atmosphere and family oriented gym. We also love that we have an area to be able to have people and kids stay/sit during our classes. However, we must set a few guidelines for having kiddos in the front room, to help the life of our property up there.

1st) We cannot allow anymore kicking or throwing of footballs or any ball just to hopefully prevent anyone getting hurt/getting rowdy and hitting/knocking anything over. It’s just safer this way.

2nd) please, unless necessary, refrain letting the kiddos have food or drinks and/or crayons and markers in the front room, it helps keep the couches from getting stained and tables clean.

Again, we want you to know that all kids are welcome, truly, we just have to help preserve what we use up there. Unfortunately, it’s not kid-proof.

Today we will be doing short, 200m runs in both classes, so prepare for the heat by drinking water!

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength

Skill/Strength: -Split Jerk, build to a heavy single

5 Rounds of: -200m Run -8 Split Jerks

Core/Strength: -3×Max hold, hanging knee raise -3×5, negative Pullups

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength

Strength: 3 Sets: 3-5-7, Strict-Push-Push Jerk

12:00 AMRAP -200m Run 10-8-6-4-2 -Pullups -Push Press (115/75)

Core: 3×Max hold, hanging knee raise


Everyone, check it! Swink×I Am Beastmode. You have until Monday to sign up for Cinco de Beastmode and still get a sweet shirt or tank.

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