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Friday 4-7-17

We’ve had a great week of training so far and ready to finish strong.

Don’t forget if you’re ordering meals from Mach1 Foods, be sure to get those orders in today. Also, just a heads up, the 22nd of this month we will be doing the Rowdy Runners 5K in town and would really love you all to be there, so mark those calendars.

Also, this Saturday, your coaches Trevor and Greg and Meesh and Jess will be doing a partner competition at CrossFit Mansfield from 8am-2pm if anyone wants to head out there to cheer them on! Reach out to them to get the details.

Swink Sweat


20:00 partner workout

-P1 Lunges 60ft

-P2 as many Ring Rows as possible

-P1 Bear Crawl 60ft

-P2 as many Wall Walks as possible

-P1 100 Mt. CLIMBERS

-P2 as many Back Squats as possible

Swink Fundamentals

-LaCrosse Ball the shoulders, any tender areas (2:00/side)


3 Sets of:

-10 Banded Reverse Lunges/leg

-up to 30 sec Ring Lockout, bands if needed, turn palms forward as much as possible For Time:

-2000m Row

-10 Clean and Jerks, RX (115/80) RX+(185/115)

When you leave your stuff out, it sometimes finds a new home

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