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Friday 4-6-18

Well Wednesday had our quads burning and even into today we feel em!

Some good news everyone, first, we are doing a little bit of lifting today for Keri’s Member of the Month workout and we have a new Member of the Month for April. Be looking for the write up later today.

Also, we have a new service to offer you:

Swink Nutrition.

If you’re someone who needs help with food and what to eat, we gotcha covered. Just ask a coach about info and we’ll get ya set up.

Swink Sweat



-5×20 Flutter Kicks

-3×10 Seated OH Press

10:00 AMRAP w/ partner

-5 Pushups each

-10 MedBall situp passes

-5 Pullups

Swink Fundamentals

-Choice Mobility (5:00)


-3×5 Lunges + RDL/leg holding 2 KB/DB

-3×12-15 Landmine Rows/arm

-3-4×25 AbMat Situps w/ plate overhead

-3-4×20 Glute Bridges, weighted

-1×3:00 SandBag/DBall Cleans, as fast as possible

Swink Nutrition is here.

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