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Friday 4-29-16

Because it’s one of the last days this month, we are going to do a workout to honor our Member of the Month, something new we’re doing each month. So, tomorrow we honor Cass and we hope you all can make it. Here’s the write up again on her in case you missed it. Member of the Month – Cass

Don’t forget this Sunday we have our get together we’d love to have you all at, INCLUDING the Sweat class!  It’s this Sunday, 2pm and the address to the Ranch in Alvarado is posted at the gym.

Here we go with today:

Swink Intro -LaCrosse Ball intro -Shoulder Mobility

Skill: -Deadlift Review -Pressing (Strict, Push)

5 Rounds of: -10 Push Press -10 Deadlifts

Swink Sweat “Cindy” 20:00 AMRAP -5 Pullups/Ring Rows -10 Pushups -15 Air Squats

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength -Glute Strength

“For Cass” 10-8-6-4-2 For Time -Deadlifts -Hang Power Clean -Shoulder to Overhead -Back Squats

Strength: -Tabata Curls, bar -4×8-12 BTN Press

Core: -100 Hollow Rocks, as few sets as possible

Swink Performance Before or after Fundamentals: Strength: -Build to tough 3 Rep Squat Clean, from low blocks -3×2 @85% -3×1 @90%

-4×2 Split Jerk @80% (from Tuesday)

20-15-10 -Deadlifts, sumo with DB or KB -Hang Squat Cleans -Push Press


When you give it your all on the rower…

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