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Friday 4-23-13

Reminder that class is an open gym style, during normal class options. Meaning, you can do the workout we lay out for you, or choose to modify it, or do a completely different one you’ve come up with. The only thing we ask is the Performance class does the lift.

Swink Fundamentals Skill: Continue practice of Pullups and/or Deadlifts

Do Performance workout.

Swink Performance 5×3 Clean (full squat clean)

2:00 Max Distance Row Rest 2:00 4:00 Max Distance Row Rest 4:00 8:00 Max Distance Row The goal here is to double what you did on the 2:00, for the 4:00 and double what you did on the 4:00, for the 8:00. Do not be afraid of this workout or run from it because you may not want to do it. It’s a great test of mental and physical capacity and endurance. Set a high goal for yourself, don’t be afraid to fail. Ideally, 2:00=500m Row, 4:00=1000m Row and 8:00=2000m Row. Get after it!

There’s very few workouts that’ll have you lying on your stomach instead of your back. Raul found that workout…


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