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Friday 4-15-16

“Hero Thursday” was a success with about 10 people taking on the workout “Paul.”  Now just to remind you of a few things to not forget: (1) Saturday morning, 8am, Performance Training Together

(2) Sunday at 2pm, we have our get together….as long as rain has nothing to do with it. We’ll keep you notified.

(3) Monday the 18th, we begin our Intro session again. Anyone you may know who’d be interested, please let them know about it.

Here we go, let’s set up the weekend right:

Swink Sweat Row Test For max calories -1:00 on, 1:00 off, 1:00 on, :50 off, etc to :10 rest, 1:00 on.

Swink Fundamentals -Hip Mobility -Ankle Mobility

Skill: -Running, again

5:00 AMRAP -400m Run -Max Distance Row Rest 2:00 4:00 AMRAP -400m Run -Max Distance Row Rest 1:00 3:00 AMRAP -400m Run -Max Distance Row

Swink Performance Before or after Fundamentals: -Pistol Squat Practice, spend 2:00-3:00 per leg at the bottom of the squat. Use the rig if needed to keep balanced but allow yourself to work on keeping balanced.

-Spend 8:00, minimum, working on Handstand “walking.” This can be done while using the wall as support and working on picking up one hand at a time. May also do it without the support of the wall. Know that the body must stay tight and feet together.


Wayne recently made a jump to a couple Fundamentals classes, awesome job buddy!

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