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Friday 4-14-17

Don’t forget everyone, next Saturday we are doing the Rowdy Run 5K in town and we would love you all to join us! If you’re coming out, be sure to rock your Swink gear.

Swink Sweat

25:00 AMRAP

-100 Singles (P1)/ OH weight hold (P2)

-20 Pushups (P1)/ Plank hold (P2)

-50 Mt. Climbers (P1)/ Wall Squat (P2)

Swink Fundamentals



1:00 on, 20 sec off rotation for 4 Rounds through the following:

-10 Calorie Bike

-Max L-Sit

-12 Weighted Reverse Lunges, banded

-15 Banded Good Mornings

-12 Seated DB Presses

RomWod or ToddWod?!

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