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Friday 4-13-18

Alright guys, it may rain, it may not, but do not find reasons to not make it out today. Why you ask? We are running and the alternative would be biking….no one likes that devil bike.

***If you have a watch with a timer function, please bring it!***

Swink Sweat

3 Rounds with a partner for total reps

-2:00 Max Double Unders

-2:00 Max Russian Twists

-2:00 Max Burpees

-2:00 Max KB Swings

Swink Fundamentals


-Run Drills

For Time:

-? (Don’t forget your watch with a timer function….no, we are NOT running a 5K for those who are guessing that)


-3×3 Strict Pullups, add weight if possible

3 Sets of:

-10 Seated Banded Lat Pulldowns + 10sec hold at thighs on last rep

-10 Ring Rows

If you know of someone, send them our way.

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