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Friday 4-10-15

Be prepared!!!!

Not for the workouts, but for your upcoming week of food choices! So it begins this Monday, our fitness challenge and nutrition challenge. Make sure you have planned out your week of meals, printed or wrote down recipes, and have a shopping list ready. Those who truly want to succeed, will! Plain and simple. Do not be the one with excuses and reasons why you can’t be healthier. Kids? So, they should be healthy too. No time? Really?! No one is ever at Open Gym Thurs night, plan then! Expensive? Does medication and doctors visits cost less??

Plan. Prep. Succeed.

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -Box Jumps and Rowing “knees”

20:00 AMRAP -10 Calorie Row -12 Double Unders -14 Box Jumps -16 WallBalls

The way the workout works is: Rd 1 is 10 Cal Row, 12 D.U. Rd 2 is 10 Cal Row, 12 D.U., 14 Box Jumps Rd 3 is 10 Cal Row, 12 D.U., 14 Box Jumps, 16 WallBalls

Once completed with that sequence, it starts over. It’s grind time.

Swink Performance Today is get swole Friday. Everyone will be working at their own pace and days like these are necessary. Also, we’re doing snatch so if you need to come in and mobilize those hips and shoulders before hand, do so. -Shoulder Strength

3 Sets, tough weight -Press Complex (3 Strict, 5 Push Press, 7 Push Jerk, all unbroken)

-3×3, Hang Snatch (above the knee), light weight, focus is on correct movement pattern and consistency. Not to see how much you can lift with more fails than makes.

-3×3 Clean Pull, 1@ 85%, 1@95%, 1@105%

Finally, -3×20 Band Pulldowns


Don’t forget, next Saturday. Tell errrrrrybody!

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