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Friday 3-2-18

18.2 people!!! It’s here and it’s going to test ya for sure. Remember this:

-If you’re planning on doing this workout at 5:30am, please be patient with us. This is not 20min long but it will take time. We have 2 sets of dumbbells of both 50’s and 35’s so we can run 2 guys and 2 girls at a time if you’re doing it RX. If anyone wants to come help judge at 5:30am, be our guest!

-Tomorrow at 12:30 you’re welcome to come do the workout then. Also, this week’s Friday Night Lights will start at 3:30pm.

-The last weekend we have a plan to have some of the best steaks ever. Everyone would pay for their steak and we would purchase them. More on that later, just giving you a heads up now.

-Tomorrow after the completion of 18.2, we would love to invite you all to join us at the new tex-mex restaurant here in Midlothian. The name of it is MezCal and they would need a heads up on how many will be joining us. Everyone is welcome, but if you plan on coming, we will ask you write your name down on the whiteboard so we can get a head count.

Swink Fundamentals & Sweat

-Front Rack Mobility

“18.2 & 18.2A”

For Time (12:00 cutoff)


-DB Squats, RX (50/35) Scaled (35/20)

-Bar Facing Burpees

*If you complete the sequence above, you get the remaining time to establish a 1RM Clean (power or squat).

Lets lift some weightsssss!

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