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Friday 3-10-17

Well, 17.3 didn’t disappoint…this is going to be a test for sure!

Tomorrow, if you’re able to come to the Friday Night Lights event, please do, we love seeing everyone and having all the support. Also, if you are doing your workout tomorrow during normal class times (5:30am, 9am) please be patient as we try to get everyone through the workout and answer all questions and get you all warm before doing the workout.

Also, please study the picture, as an athlete and if you plan to judge tomorrow, please know the difference in a Squat that is to the Open standards and a Squat that is still impressive but would be a no rep.

In the left photo, the crease of the hip, by the green of her shirt, is higher than the top of her knee. In the right photo, the crease is below the top of the knee. Although a very small difference, there is still a difference. Swink Sweat

Alternate with a partner For 16:00:

-10 Calorie Row (+10 each round)

-Crab Walk

-15 Calorie Row (+10 each round)

-Bear Crawl

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Mobility


-Squat Snatch


In 8:00,

3 Rounds of:

-6 C2B, Scaled (jumping Pullups)

-6 Squat Snatch, RX (95/65) Scaled (45/35)

3 Rounds of:

-7 C2B

-5 Squat Snatch, RX (135/95) Scaled (75/55)

If completed, add 4:00 and the reps are:

3 Rounds of:

-8 C2B

-4 Squat Snatch, RX (185/135) Scaled (95/65)

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