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Friday 2-5-16

Even more of you have signed up for the Open and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Let’s keep it going, get those fingers on that keyboard and head over to

Also, Feb. 20th, we will be in Lewisville supporting a couple teams we have doing a competition. We’re headed out there to support them and would love anyone to join who is able.

Following the events on the 20th, we will have a get together that evening at Joleen’s place. This is another outing everyone is invited to and a kick start before the Open begins. We’d love to have you all out again.

Swink Intro -Shoulder Mobility -Shoulder Strength

Retest #3 “1/2 Cindy” 10:00 AMRAP -5 Ring Rows -10 Pushups -15 Air Squats

Swink Sweat Skill: -Cleans

4 Rounds, rest as needed between rounds -20 WallBalls -15 Box Jumps -10 Pikes -5 Cleans (bar or MB)

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Mobility -Hip Mobility

Strength: 3 Sets of: -12 Bent Over Rows -6 Negative Chinups

12:00 AMRAP -5 Shuttle Runs -10 Thrusters (bar) -20 Walking Lunges -30 Double Unders


Be like Hilary, sign up.

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