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Friday 2-3-17

Remember everyone, Thursdays are now RomWod Thursdays. That means it’s our yoga for athletes recovery day. EVERYONE is welcome and we highly encourage you all to be there if possible. In the morning, we have a 5:30am and 9am and then a 4:30pm or later if you come in the evening. Come try it out!

Fundamentals, don’t forget to get your butt signed up for the Open! Don’t wait until the week of…..Janie!

Swink Sweat


-Jumprope practice

20:00 Partner AMRAP, switch every minute:

-30 Situps

-15 MB Slams

-30 DB Attempts

-15 Burpees

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Mobility

Open Workout 13.2

10:00 AMRAP

-5 Shoulder 2 OH, RX (115/75)

-10 Deadlifts

-15 Box Jumps, RX (24/20)


3-5 Sets of:

-12 DB OH Walking Lunges

-12 DB Bent Over Rows

-12 DB OH Walking Lunges

Look at this cool dude representing all the way out in the Big Apple!

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