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Friday 2-23-18

Well guys, we now know the first workout of this year’s Open! Strategy talks will happen in class tomorrow morning at 5:30am and 9:00am. As for the evening classes, we will Open at 3:30 and come when you can! The strategy talk for the afternoon class will be at 4:30, just like the start of class. We will try to do it again at 5:30 for those just coming in and again if needed at 6:30.

Remember, you will have a judge to score you, which also means you may also be a judge to help us out. It’s an easy one to judge so anyone can do it.

Of course if you cannot make tomorrow, you can come in Saturday morning or during any class on Monday as long as your score gets in by 7pm Monday evening.

Sweat class, we gotcha, you’re able to do this workout as well with a bit of modifications so come on in as well!

Finally, if you’re going at 5:30am, please be patient as (1) we will have to run multiple heats and (2) we only have 4 of each weight so we can’t all go at the same time.

Swink Fundamentals and Sweat

-Forearm rollout


-DB Hang Clean and Jerk


20:00 AMRAP

-8 Toes 2 Bar (RX), Hanging Knee Raises (Scaled)

-10 DB Hang Clean and Jerks, 5/5, RX (50/35) Scaled (35/20)

-14/12 Calorie Row

And so it begins…

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