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Friday 2-21-14

It’s CrossFit Open season and it’s so close we can just picture the first workout now!

Today will be something we don’t always get to practice/do so it is an exciting day to see people’s accomplishments and progress of strength and balance.

Swink Fundamentals -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

Skill: Handstands and Handstand Pushups (and how to modify)

12:00 AMRAP -200m Row -6 Handstand Pushups

Swink Performance -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

Strength: -Muscle Up skill and strength (and how to modify)

12:00 AMRAP -30 Double Unders -5 Muscle Ups/up to 10 if modified


Becca showing a great lockout of her Thrusters. Everyone has come so far it’s awesome to see and very inspiring. Keep up the hard work everyone!

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