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Friday 2-20-15

Go to the website, sign your booty up for the Open and do something out of your comfort zone!

Today, we get a little more Open prep with a max effort rep day. You all will be doing the same workout, both Fundamentals and Performance.

Last but not least, it’s Shane’s birthday today…his birthday workout will be Saturday, be there!

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength

Skill: -Working on Double Under speed and Power Clean speed

10:00 for Max Reps -2:00 WallBalls -2:00 Double Unders -2:00 Burpees -2:00 Power Cleans (95/65) -2:00 Calorie Row

*Each of these movements will be performed for 2:00 each, going for max reps during that 2:00. Once the 2:00 is up, you will move immediately to the next movement and go for max reps during the next 2:00.

*Also, yes, we have done most of these movements already this week. However, as we try and prep you for any and every scenario we may see in the Open, we will see more of the same movements, most of which are basic and can be used to “gas” us all. We’re building the fastest engines we can here!

Good ol’ Cashan sent this gem in!

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