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Friday 2-17-17

Well, we have some teams made for the Open, Team Black vs. Team Grey. Coach Betsy is captain of the Black team and Coach Andre is captain of the Grey…teams will be released later today, so be on the lookout!

Also, if you want a team shirt, please place your name and size on the board so we can get an order going. They’ll be as cheap as we can make them, promise. Also, how to obtain team points will also be released soon so you know how to help your team score much needed points.

Swink Sweat

2×8:00 AMRAP with 4:00 rest

-30 MB Squat Cleans

-30 Ring Rows

-30 Full Body Crunches

-30 Shuttle Runs

-30 Full Body Crunches

-30 Ring Rows

-30 MB Squat Cleans

Swink Fundamentals

-Shoulder Mobility


3 Sets of:

-24ft DB OH Lunges

-15 Calorie Bike

-40 Double Unders

Rest as needed, but each round is as fast as possible


-100 AbMat Situps, can use a weight behind the head

Board is about to get filled out!

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