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Friday 2-16-18

Friday is here and it means a couple of things:

(1) You got 1 week until the first Open workout is released. No more deciding or debating, if you’re going to do it, do it.

(2) WE NEED YOUR SHIRT SIZE FOR YOUR OPEN SHIRT IF YOU WANT ONE. It is the final day for this. I will be messaging you personally if I don’t have your size by 10am.

Now, for a little working out:

Swink Sweat

20:00 Partner EMOTM

Odd Rounds:

P1 does 5 Calorie Row


P2 does 10 WallBalls

Even Rounds:

Roles switch

Swink Fundamentals

-Low Back Mobility


-3×200-300ft Double KB Front Rack walk

-3×5-8/leg Box Step Ups, weighted if form will allow

Open Simulator:

8:00 AMRAP


-Calorie Row

-Power Cleans*

If you make it through 1 round, weight goes up

RX (95/65) (135/95) (185/125)

Scaled (75/55) (95/65) (135/95)

Gorillas and Rhinos

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