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Friday 2-14-14

Happy Valentines Day to all of our friends and family! Yes, we consider our members, all of you, even you Cashan, our friends. Now, we will have evening classes but we are doing a special Valentines workout, so no Performance or Fundamentals. Come to any class, even the 5:30pm class. See you all soon!

Swink Fundamentals & Performance -Shoulder Strength/Mobility

We will split the gym, one side girls, one side guys. Once the clock starts, you will cycle through 6 movements, with an added rest, totaling 7 stations. You will spend 30 seconds at each movement, with 10 seconds to rotate. You will cycle through the stations 5 times.

Movements are: -Battling Ropes -Front Squats (95/65) -Plank -Burpees -Weighted Situps -Box Jumps (24/20) -Rest station

Hands stacked over the shoulders, shoulders stacked over the hips, hips stacked over the feet. Raquel getting it done!


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